When I and Rosťa Stach were discussing our short vacation in Egypt at the beginning of the year, it did not even cross my mind, that only a week can be full of so many sub aqueous photographic experiences.

Red sea is really extremely rich and it was a pleasant surprise for me, what can be seen or photographed only few meters from the shore. I am not a diver and so in my case it was really only about snorkeling in shallow depths. Sometimes even smaller than I originally thought it would be possible. For example we photographed some species of moray eels in such „depths“as from half a meter! These shallow waters have several advantages. It is really difficult to drown in there J, but what is the most important fact, that there is enough light. The light was very important due to my photographic equipment. All the photographs were taken by „adult“compact Canon Power Shot G10 in the sub aquatic case Canon WP-DC28. I have to say that this combination is completely sufficient for photographing in such shallow depths with enough light. It is possible to make really interesting pictures and it is a good choice for photographers, who will never specialize in sub aqueous photography (which is also my case), however shooting on the coral reefs will be only a form of relax or an additional activity for them.

Photographing of nearly two meters long Blackpearl Moray was one of the greatest experiences zdroj:
Blue Finned Triggerfish is an impressive fish reaching up to 75 centimeters. zdroj:
Blue octopus shot in only a meter’s depth, very close to the shore. zdroj:
Clownfish is a very attractive object for photographers. zdroj:

More photographs will be available soon in the photo bank or our common website with Rosťa Stach

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