At the end of last year we organized second Photo Safari with main emphasis on Kenyan national park Samburu. We spent there approximately one week and later continued to Great Rift Valley, where we photographed at lakes Baringo, Bogoria and Nakuru.

This trip was little different by its conception from our usual Photo Safaris. We slept under the tents in the middle of wilderness for full two weeks. It is not necessary to add that you can get to know Africa closely during camping in the bush.

National park Samburu itself lies little out of the main touristic areas, which is definitely its great advantage. It is possible to get there approximately after six hours drive up to the north from capital Nairobi. It is a warm area all year long compared to Masai Mara, so we could enjoy sunny and hot weather at the time of Czech snow calamity. Wildlife photography was the key goal of our trip. This park is well known by great herds of elephants, but also for example gerenuk, beisa oryx, Grevy zebra or lesser kudu.

We were however very lucky for the big cats. With the exception of lions we heard roaring every night, but saw them only twice, we had the opportunity to photograph leopards and cheetahs almost daily. I have to admit I was nicely surprised by that, because it is usually not possible to count with such a good frequency of watching the big cats even in areas having higher concentration of them than Samburu. We also enjoyed photographing by the river Ewaso Ngiro. Many animals gathered there every morning and evening to quench their thirst. Exactly at such moments it was possible to shoot really nice pictures.

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