About me

He started to photograph in connection to traveling. Today he has been saying about himself, that he travels because of photography.

Born on 18. 11. 1963 in Prague zdroj:

He visited many countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, America and also the islands of French Polynesia. Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana belong among his most favorite destinations; however he was also fascinated by photography in Florida or Alaska.

He has been publishing in all kinds of travel and photographic magazines in Czech Republic, but also abroad. He has been constantly cooperating for example with magazines Lidé a Země, Koktejl or Photo life. It is possible to mention also some international titles, such as National Geographic or BBC Wildlife Magazíne. However his photographs appeared also in other prestigious media across various continents, for example newspaper Daily Telegraph, the Sun, Daily News, The Guardian, New York Times, Le Figaro or Stern, etc.

As an author he has been cooperating with the British media bank Barcroft Media, which operates in 52 countries in the world. His unique photographs capturing an encounter of hippo pod with a crocodile were included to annual Ripley’s Believe it or not. He has also been lecturing. Václav Šilha has closely cooperated with the travel agency African Way www.africanway.cz , where he works as a professional guide within the special Photo Safari in Africa (e.g. Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana) and also in America (Alaska). He is one of the implementers of the Czech and Slovakian Photographic and Film Project LAGA 09, which took place in Kenyan natural reserve Masai Mara since August to October 2009.

Vaclav Šilha is the co-author of a narrative book „Wild Planet“, which was released in the fall 2008. Currently he has been participating on the documentary movie about the expedition LAGA 09 and has been working on other two book projects, which should be published in 2010 and 2011.